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Fixed Income Philosophy

INVESTMENT PHILOSOPHY - STEELOAKS’ fixed income philosophy prescribes a high level of current income consistent with preservation of capital by investing in obligations issued by the US government, its agencies or instrumentalities.  Our fundamental investment policy is to limit holdings to government securities and when appropriate FDIC insured CD’s.
INVESTMENT STYLE - STEELOAKS’ laddered bond approach will create a continual flow of cash available for redeployment into the highest yielding investment grade bonds available at the investment maturity point.  Our goal is to keep your fixed income assets fully invested maximizing your account’s cash flow.
 Credit Analysis

  • “AAA” rated
  • Insured where permissible 

 Types of Securities

  • U.S. Treasury Bills
  • U.S. Treasury Bonds & Notes
  • U.S. Government Agency
  • Certificates of Deposit 

 Fixed Income Strategy

  • Laddered portfolios
  • Fully Invested