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Corporate Philosophy:


  • Dedication:  We are dedicated to helping our clients meet their individual investment objectives in ways that focus on their own needs and preferences. 
  • Education:   At STEELOAKS we are committed to: knowing all we can about our clients investment needs.
    • keeping abreast of the fast changing Investment Management Industry environment and its effect on Asset Planning.
  • Cooperation:  Clients choose STEELOAKS because we:
    • develop a shared perspective with our clients.
    • work together as a team to achieve common goals.
    • know that client-partnership improves the work we do and client satisfaction with our services
  • Innovation:  At STEELOAKS we pride ourselves on 
    •  developing innovative solutions that are practical, efficient and cost effective. 
  • Consistency:  Our investment strategy is uncomplicated, understandable, and dynamic in providing results. We:
    • guarantee our stock selection processes are consistently followed and free from individual bias.
    • utilize up to five in-house enhancement techniques specifically designed to meet or exceed the investment objectives and goals of our clients, regardless of size.
    • designed the STEELOAKS Investment Strategies and Enhancements so they may be used separately or blended to meet the investment objectives of our clients.
  • Dependability: STEELOAKS investment strategies are designed with the goal of providing our clients with:
    • consistency
    • down market protection
    • excellent upside performance, and
    • low management fees