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Equity Philosophy


Investment Philosophy  -  We Believe:

  • In focusing on preserving capital in protracted declining markets without giving up real rates of return in advancing markets as the true way to create and preserve wealth.
  • In a disciplined and consistently applied investment process that is client friendly, easily implemented and understood, with cost effective management fees and low portfolio turnover.
  • Economy, simplicity and reliability in an investment strategy enhance the likelihood of success.
  • In achieving returns less volatile than the major market indexes with higher returns.
  • In a quantitative value oriented defensive process that is free from the individual bias of research analysts and/or portfolio managers.

 Investment Style:

  • Our actively managed enhanced investment styles focus on all capitalization stocks utilizing a blend of growth and value stocks in both domestic and international markets quantitatively selected from a specified universe of stocks.  The blend of stocks will vary according to our Allocator Pro, Value, or Blue Chip strategies.

 Investment Strategy:  

  • Steeloaks Allocator Pro, Value, and Blue Chip strategies are uncomplicated, understandable, and dynamic in providing results.  Each strategy is actively managed and utilizes a consistently followed equity selection and portfolio weighting process with annual portfolio rebalancing.  Portfolios are constructed according to each investment strategy using one or more of the following enhancements:
  • Weighted Enhancement Determines the percent weighting of each security in the appropriate universe of stocks.
  • Price Enhancement Identifies low priced stocks.
  • Dividend Yield Enhancement Identifies higher dividend yielding stocks.
  • Stock Universe Enhancement Determines stock universe for each investment strategy.
  • Portfolio Allocation Enhancement Determines the percentage allocation to each enhancement, universe and/or security.